Lights! Camels! Action!

America’s Show Camels is proud to present our ALL-NEW, exclusive combination of educational experiences and entertainment thrills, in our one-of-a-kind dromedary camel showcase… “CAMEL KINGDOM”!

The only attraction in the world featuring rare varieties of dromedary camel. Transform your facility into a desert oasis with “Camel Kingdom”.


Camel Care

Our experienced and dedicated team of animal care specialists have years of experience and devote their lives to our animals, providing them with plenty of fresh food and water, daily exercise, a large herd to socialize with and of course, we have a local on-call veterinarian in each location we visit, to ensure our animals are healthy and thriving.

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Camel Kingdom is a one of a kind, fully complete set-up for viewing, displaying and riding camels. Perfect for fairs and local events. Get in touch with us today!